Puyallup Doll and Teddy Show

Working away...

I'm getting ready for this weekend's Crossroads Doll and Teddy Show. My mom and I have been doing this show for about 15 years now. I can't believe it's been so long! It's changed and evolved over the years but has remained a fun thing that we look forward to doing 3 times a year. There's a lot of fascinating antiques plus supplies, artist made bears and dolls, and a lot of new and old collectible dolls.
My mom makes doll clothing patterns https://www.etsy.com/shop/kristineanns and we both make doll clothes for various dolls. More recently, I've  started bringing more of my handmade dolls and creatures. I had to ease people into it though. Two heads are not for everyone, go figure! hee!

As a new thing, I've been doing some Monster High repaints. They're really fun! I love these little dolls and the concept behind them but their factory faces just don't do it for me. Sooooo, I remove all the orignal paint and put on my own. Voila, a whole new dolly! Each character has a different face sculpt so it's fun to do a bunch of different girls.
I'll be selling these at the show and will list my leftovers on my Etsy page along with any leftover doll clothing.

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I love these dolls!

I bought a couple of these dolls when they first came out but I love the new faces. I'll be checking your site to see what you have.

thanks Theresa, I'll be

thanks Theresa, I'll be putting up what's left from the show in my Etsy shop, probably by Tues (3/19), along with my leftover doll clothes.

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