Black Bat Scarf, Size Short

Black Bat Scarf, Size Short

This is a Short sized, black bat scarf with flannel lining. It has red satin ears, and a red embroidered face with pink and red kid-safe locked on eyes. He has a pair of black wool felt bat wings with contrast red stitching above his cute little head.
28" long x 4 1/2" wide

Made of super soft polar fleece, these scarves are an accessory and a stuffed animal all rolled into one!
Simply pull their little feet and tail through the loop of their arms and you've got yourself a cozy, secured scarf AND a new friend!
Great for both kids and adults, my scarves come in two sizes and many different colors and animals. Custom orders always welcomed!

Size small: perfect for kids and small adults or when you want a shorter hanging scarf

Size X-long: great for larger adults and when you want a longer hanging scarf

*not recommended for children under 3*